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Home Sleep Test (HST using ARES Technology) – Foley, AL*

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About Home Sleep Tests

If you have issues with snoring, sleep apnea, or other sleeping problems, it is best to have a consultation with a physician/dentist to discuss having a sleep test performed. At Gulf Coast Sleep Specialist, Dr. Steven Todd offers home sleep tests using ARES (Apnea Risk Evaluation System). ARES is designed to be used from the comfort of your home in order to capture the most accurate information about your actual sleeping patterns. ARES is worn on the forehead and accommodates all sleeping positions. Simple, clear audio and visual indicators promote reliable data capture by making it easy for you to know when ARES needs adjustment. ARES stores up to three nights of nocturnal data and was created to be worn at home, where it is easier to gather an accurate profile of your natural breathing and sleeping habits. If you are suffering from sleep disorders, then we invite you to call our Foley, AL office today.

Sleep Disorder Assessment

What to Expect

The ARES home sleep test is taken in the comfort of your own home using a wireless device. During the test, your pulse, blood oxygen saturation, snoring levels, and head position will all be measured. The data collected is stored in the machine and uploaded upon return to our office. At Gulf Coast Sleep Specialist, we offer the ARES HST to maximize efficiency, as it is able to deliver faster results with greater comfort than other methods. If needed, the ARES HST can be performed for up to three nights to acquire the most accurate information, allowing us to recommend the most effective treatment options. We can also facilitate an in-lab sleep study with our sleep physician should you choose or need that option.


After your sleep test has been completed, we will review the data that will help provide you with the proper diagnosis. Depending on your condition, follow-up appointments will need to be made to determine the appropriate next step, whether that involves ongoing treatment or other alternatives. If necessary, an in-lab sleep test may be performed as well. Dr. Todd will create a custom treatment plan for you based on your results and unique needs. 

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If you think you may be suffering from a sleep disorder, don't put it off any longer. Come into our practice so we can set up an easy, comfortable, in-home sleep test using state-of-the-art, wireless technology. With the data we collect, we can help recommend the proper treatment to restore your health and allow you to sleep better. Call Gulf Coast Sleep Specialist in Foley, AL to schedule your consultation with Dr. Steven Todd.

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