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Alternative Treatments

CPAP Alternative Treatments


1. Oral Appliance Therapy

Our practice provides different alternatives that are less intrusive than CPAP machines. The most common CPAP alternative therapy is Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT). Wearing an oral appliance during sleep is suitable for most patients. Gulf Coast Sleep Specialist utilizes a custom-fit, state-of-the-art, FDA approved oral appliance therapy (OAT), the Zyppah K from Sleep Certified. The Zyppah K offers unprecedented custom fit and excellent compliance rates of 85-90%.

Dr. Steven Todd is the only Sleep Certified provider of the Zyppah K oral appliance in Baldwin, Mobile and Escambia counties.


2. Oral Appliance Therapy (Mandibular Advancement Device – MAD)

MADs are usually recommended to treat mild forms of sleep apnea, reducing the symptoms and effects byTreatment Options

moving  your jaw into a forward position while you sleep. This position will expand your airway, helping you breathe better.



 3. Cognitive Behavorial Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)

This therapy focuses on the connection between the way we think, the things we do and how we sleep. During our treatment, Dr. Todd a certified CBT provider, helps to identify thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are contributing to the symptoms of sleep deprivation,
sleeping disorders, disordered sleeping and insomnia. Treatment may be as short as 2 sessions or as many as 4-6 sessions.

4. Buteyko Method Breathing Therapy

Snoring is a form of SLEEP-DISORDERED BREATHING, and can be improved and corrected by practicing simple breathing exercises designed to change breathing habits both day and night. When breathing becomes calmer and lighter, an individual’s sleep and overall health will dramatically improve.

Dr. Steven Todd, with the Buteyko Breathing Method, treats the CAUSE of OSA not just the SYMPTOMS. The results his patients have experienced with Buteyko Breathing Therapy have changed their lives! He is the only Certified Buteyko Breathing Method/Oxygen Advantage instructor in the Gulf Coast of Florida, Alabama and Mississippi.


5. Sleep Weight Management

Sleep and managing weight are intrinsically connected. Many times people with sleeping problems also have weight management problems. Conversely, people who have weight problems can also have sleeping problems. Many times it is difficult to separate the two. At Gulf Coast Sleep Specialist, we treat sleeping and weight management problems using innovative, one of a kind treatment therapies. This includes Sleep Wave (Brain Wave) audio technology combined with advanced cannabinoid therapeutics. Dr. Todd has developed an innovative technique called Sleep Weight Management.