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Snoring Problems

Have the SNORE POLICE turned you in?

Snoring Treaments

The noise sounds of snoring occur as a result of narrowing or obstruction of the airway during sleep. When we sleep, the muscles of the airway – including the mouth, nose, and throat – relax, and the passages may become smaller. Air moving through these narrowed passages causes the soft tissues of the airway to vibrate. That vibration creates the sounds of snoring.

Snoring worsens with age, gender, obesity, alcohol intake, cigarette smoking and nasal obstruction. It can be extremely disruptive to sleep for both snorer and sleeping partner. Snoring occurs when a large volume of air passes through a narrow space, causing turbulence in the soft palate, nose or back of the throat.


We can Help!

Many people are not aware that they snore. It’s important to recognize these other, waking symptoms of a possible snoring condition:

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness and fatigue
  • Headaches in the morning
  • Troubles with memory, learning, concentration
  • Mood swings, short-temperedness, anxiousness, depression
  • Needing to get up often throughout the night to use the bathroom

During your consultation, Gulf Coast Sleep Specialist will determine which treatment for snoring problems will be best for you. We will develop a unique treatment plan just for your situation. Call us today or fill out the appointmnet form above to dicuss your snoring problem treatment options.
Gulf Coast Sleep Specialist provides sleep apnea treatments and sleep tests in Baldwin, Mobile and Escambia County, AL. We also serve the Pensacola and Escambia County, FL areas.

Snoring Stats

From the American Academy of Sleep Medicine:

· Snoring is more common in men than women

· 40% of adult men and 24% adult women are habitual snorers

· Sleeping on your back makes you more likely to snore

· Heavy snoring may be associated with Sleep Apnea, a serious sleep disorder and a risk factor for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many other health problems.

· Snoring can be symptom of OSA but not everyone who snores has a sleep disorder