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Zilis Ultra R&R TM Precision Spectrum Cannabinol (CBN)

Dr. Steven Todd is a Clinical Cannabinologist with a wide range of knowledge on Hemp oil benefits. Dr. Todd can advise you on Hemp oil’s possible drug interactions, recommended dosage, and impact on your certain medical conditions. Call Dr. Todd today to discuss your questions about Hemp oil therapy or personalized treatment options.

Ultra R&R (CBN) is a precision spectrum, plant-based, water soluble hemp oil formulated to target and optimize sleep functions. 

Precision Spectrum TM Ultra R&R (CBN – Cannabinol)

  • · Precision Spectrum TM hemp oil, formulated with a unique process designed to target a specific cannabinoid profile
  • · Provides target benefits based on your unique needs
  • · Promotes optimization of the Entourage Effect when taken with our other hemp and cannabinoid products
  • · Each serving of UltraR&Rtm supports the body’s utilization and optimization of sleep functions and promotes the body’s ability to recover
  • · Promotes healthy sleep and wake cycles to maintain homeostasis during occasional sleeplessness
  • · Acai berry extract supports the reduction of free radicals and provides delicious flavor

During your consultation, Dr. Steven Todd will determine which Hemp oil treatment will be best for you. We will develop a unique treatment plan just for your situation. Call us today or fill out the appointment form above to discuss your Hemp oil therapy options.


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