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Buteyko Method Breathing 

Buteyko method breathing  is a form of complimentary or alternative physical thearapy that aids in sleeping.

Buteyko Breathing Method Therapy

Listen to the breathing of someone who is snoring and you will find it to be noisy. Those who snore draw in large breaths of air while they sleep and often breathe through the mouth.

Snoring is a form of SLEEP-DISORDERED BREATHING, and can be improved and corrected by practicing simple breathing exercises designed to change breathing habits both day and night. When breathing becomes calmer and lighter, an individual’s sleep and overall health will dramatically improve.

Dr. Todd, with the Buteyko Breathing Method / Oxygen Advantage could now treat the CAUSE of OSA not just the SYMPTOMS. The results his patients have experienced with Buteyko Breathing / Oxygen Advantage have changed their lives! He is the only Certified Buteyko Breathing Method instructor in the Gulf Coast of Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.


We can Help!

Dr. Konstantin Buteyko’s breathing method/theory emphasizes the importance of two breathing habits:

  • Breathe through the nose both day and night
  • Breathe “light” not heavy

During your consultation, Gulf Coast Sleep Specialist will determine which treatment for breathing problems will be best for you. We can teach you proper breathing techniques. Call us today or fill out the appointment form above to discuss your Breathing Treatment lesson options.
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Buteyko Breathing Stats

· Dr. Steven Todd is one of the elite trained and certified Buteyko/Oxygen Advantage instructors in the USA.

· Buteyko Breathing Technique is an eastern European breathing technique developed by Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, a Russian physician.

· Buteyko Breathing addresses the causes of breathing and sleeping problems.

· Buteyko Breathing techniques are simple, natural and easy to implement.

· Buteyko Breathing technique is taught world-wide.

· Buteyko Breathing technique is based on nasal breathing vs mouth breathing.